Transform Your Beliefs
3 Key Strategies to create success and stop sabotage.
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    Why do certain people achieve success and why do others (with access to the same talent, resources, and abilities) do not?

    Their mindset and belief systems.

    Our Beliefs can empower us or hold us back. The ones that hold us back are called limiting beliefs. Oftentimes, they’re unconscious. We are going to find the source of those beliefs and create a new mindset of prosperity and success.
    ✔️ Learn how to shift your limiting beliefs to create the business that you want.

    ✔️ Overcome recurring obstacles and get the results you’re after!

    ✔️ FREE Sacred Soul Alignments which are used to clear a great number of beliefs as well as shock and trauma, trapped emotions and delete negative genetic programming.
    Yira Basilis is an entrepreneur, speaker, business consultant and spiritual healer with over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. Yira’s passion and drive are inspired by helping others rediscover their inner dreams and desires and then aiding them in achieving those dreams. Her methods are based on her years of traditional business management education and experience as well psychological and spiritual techniques to create lasting results.

    Yira is part of the first graduating class to be certified in Sacred Soul Alignments, a new modality used to clear a great number of beliefs (potentially thousands of beliefs per alignment), as well as shock and trauma, trapped emotions, oaths vows and contracts, collapse timelines that are not serving us, balance the systems and cells of the body and delete negative genetic programming.

    She is currently the team leader of a group of over 75 women entrepreneurs through Mary Kay Cosmetics and hosts several motivational and spiritual online programs such as “28 Days of Gratitude”, “Raising Your Abundance Thermostat” and her online program, “21 Days of Transformation: Creating the Backbone for Financial and Spiritual Success.”

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